For us, sustainability begins with the development of the first creative and technical concept and is of course considered in every step of the process up to the concrete action in the implementation of our projects.

Concrete bases for action for our design are:

·      Planning and implementation of long-term design concepts

·      Reusability for special constructions, trade fair components, reuse of B1 textiles, etc.

·      Modularity: Dimensions and design for special structures, projection surfaces, stages to enable reusability and combination

·      Energy efficiency – use of energy – efficient lamps etc.

·      Waste avoidance or reduction, preference for circular concepts

·      Renting instead of buying new technology, repairing and maintaining used technology

·      Experience and communication of sustainable solutions for events with customers and visitors

Above all, the implementation of event ideas involves weighing up the necessary funds on the basis of sustainable considerations.

In our company, sustainability naturally includes the question of fair wages, equal opportunities, long-term cooperation with service providers and employees and respectful, appreciative behavior.

For this reason, within our service portfolio, we offer a 360° scan for technical and organizational event concepts and the creation and review of service specifications for technical service providers and tenders with a focus on sustainability.